Monday, February 25, 2013

James Juchau, Two Sarahs and a Mary Ann

In the records there is a James Juchau born in 1769 to Thomas and Elizabeth Archer Juchau.

James married Sarah Milton in 1809 and they proceeded to have nine children from 1810 to 1832.

James was 40 years old when he married Sarah, so there is a strong possibility that he had been previously married. On FamilySearch James is listed with three wives in succession: Sarah Fry from 1787 to 1796; Mary Ann Banks somewhere between the Sarahs and Sarah Milton from 1809 until James passed away in 1852.

The birth dates of the children fit together nicely and the geography is very tight through all three families; however, there's a major problem in the profession of the James of the earliest births and that of all the later births. The first was an Attorney--the latter a Paviour. Hardly a common career path.

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This data is culled from the baptismal registers recording the birth & baptism of each of these children.

My question is: are there additional documents which might clarify whether we have one, two, or three different James's in these baptismal records?

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